Maritime spatial data analysis and visualization
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Merenduse ruumiandmete analüüs ja visualiseerimine
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Maritime spatial data analysis and visualization
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autumn - spring
Course aims
The aim of this course is to:
- provide basic knowledge of the principles of spatial data analysis, structure, applicability in maritime fields, methods of spatial data processing and visualization, 3D data collection methods using modern software;
- provide an opportunity to learn programming in Python for spatial data analysis.
Learning outcomes in the course
After completing this course the student:
- knows the structure of geographic information systems, methods of data collection, analysis and processing and is able to perform analysis of spatial data using ArcGIS PRO software;
- discusses important problems of GIS;
- uses Dron2Map software to process and visualize 3D data;
- uses Python programming language for spatial data analysis.
Brief description of the course
Course topics: The nature of spatial data in the sea; geoinformatics and GIS concepts, GIS functions, tasks and applications, working with map data using ArcGIS PRO software, processing of maritime spatial data using Python programming language, spatial relationship analysis.
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V - Eesti Mereakadeemia
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