Waterway and shipping safety and maritime risk management
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Veeteede ja laevanduse ohutus ning riskide haldamine merenduses
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Waterway and shipping safety and maritime risk management
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autumn - spring
Course aims
The aim of this course is to:
- to provide knowledge about navigation risk assessment methods, their applicability and risk mitigation measures;
- provide knowledge of the theoretical foundations of safety management, modern national and international safety and security management legislation and practice in ships and shipping companies;
- overview of international quality management standards;
- to provide knowledge of risk management in ports, shipping companies on ships and cargo transportation using insurance, planning and legislation.
Learning outcomes in the course
After completing this course the student:
- assess the nature, degree of risk in maritime and risk mitigation options using insurance, planning and existing legislation;
- uses methods accepted by the IALA for the analysis, assessment and mitigation of navigational risks;
- is able to use the theoretical foundations of safety management in maritime affairs and to create links between the safety management system (SMS) and quality management systems;
- describes how to implement ISM and ISPS systems on board ships and in shipping companies in accordance with the principles of their codes;
- is able to apply the principles of the Paris MoU and the international standard ISO 9002 in his / her work.
Brief description of the course
IALA accepted methods for navigational risk assessment. Measures to mitigate navigational risks.
Theoretical and legal bases of safety management and their use in maritime affairs. ISM and ISPS Codes, Paris MoU, ISO 9002.
Risk characterization and risk assessment in shipping. Characterization causes and analysis of risks in shipping companies, due sea transportation of goods, ports and ships. Risk mitigation methods.
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V - Eesti Mereakadeemia
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