Design, development and maintenance of ports, waterways and coastal areas
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Mereala planeerimine, haldamine ja ohutuse korraldamine
Course title in English
Design, development and maintenance of ports, waterways and coastal areas
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autumn - spring
Course aims
The course aims to:
- give knowledge and skills on bathymetric surveying, fairway planning and designing of navigational markings on waterways, port aquatic areas and inland waterways;
- provide an overview of the methods and principles of fairway design;
- provide knowledge on spatial planning of maritime areas and basic knowledge for carrying out spatial planning of maritime areas.
Learning outcomes in the course
After completing this course, the student:
- describes different methods of fairways design;
- plans the installation of fixed and floating navigational markings on both inland waterways and marine areas;
- is familiar with and able to use the standards governing the design of waterways;
- plans, organises and carries out hydrographic works;
- explains the concept of maritime spatial planning (MSP) and its importance;
- explains the policy provisions related to MSP;
- describes the different stages of the MSP process;
- as an overview of the different possible IT programmes/software used to present/compile MSP data.
Brief description of the course
The lectures will cover the principles and methods of designing both marine and inland waterways.

Lectures will cover:
- methods of hydrographic survey;
- calculation of lighthouses and leading lines;
- principles of waterway design;
- fairways planning;
- modelling of fairways;
- overview of MSP, its components, policy provisions and the different IT programmes/software used for MSP.
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