TTÜ Study Information System

Log in to the Study Information System

Only students can use ÕIS as authorised user. Study Information System ( can login person who has been matriculated, registered as visiting student at TTÜ, person who has valid external student contract or Open University continuing education student agreement.

  1. Choose the English language:

  1. Click Log in and choose a login method:

  1. Log in by using the Uni-ID username and password. Uni-ID username and password you can get personally from helpdesk at Akadeemia tee 3, room SOC-129

  1. After the logging you can see your name (Eesnimi Perenimi) and student code. Remember it!

  1. You have to check and change (if needed) or add your personal contacts. Later it is possible to change your contacts in the My Data section:

  1. You have to subscribe to have all notifications (from Dean’s Office and from professors) via e-mail:

  1. Always log out of the system by clicking Log out: